Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Arkansas Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print

I'm proud to announce that I was chosen to paint the artwork for the 2014 Arkansas Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print. The work is entitled "Reydell Hole," and is set in a spot near Stuttgart. The land is part of Five Oaks Hunting Lodge, owned by Mr. George Dunklin. Ducks Unlimited has received a good response for the print from supporters so far this year. Every sponsor level donor to Ducks Unlimited will receive a copy of the print. I have samples of the print for display here in the shop if anyone is interested in taking a closer look. 1200 prints were signed and numbered by yours truly. It's an exciting time at Pollard Studio. Come by and say "Hi."

Click on the video above to get a little insight into the process of creating this print.

If you bring in your sponsor print, I offer a fantastic deal on the framing. Have yours framed just like the one above for only $70, including tax! I do these every year for sponsors all over the state. Don't miss the opportunity to let the artist frame his own work.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Portrait Art

Just wanted to share the most recent portrait I finished for Beki Dunagan. This is the third portrait of her children, Kyle and Rachel, I've done over the years. It is a 16x12 acrylic on canvas.