Friday, April 6, 2012

It's all in the Details

Another TARDIS update: Each window was completed with dividers made of quarter inch dowels. Each bar is made of two dowels joined with glue. Next the long strips were custom painted and antiqued. Then each section was carefully trimmed to fit and glued into place directly onto the plexiglas windows with construction adhesive. This might not be the most orthodox method, but I've never made a claim to orthodoxy.

I've also completed the phone access door. Unfortunately it's a faux door as the cabinet design did not allow for anything else. Nevertheless, I have included both handle and hinges for an accurate appearance. The sign was adapted from some fan art I found online. It includes some nice weather spotting. This is placed under a piece of plexi secured by four screws. The frame is 1.5 inch lattice.

The added window details seen here are custom cut pieces of pebbled dropped ceiling light covers. These were applied with spray adhesive directly to the face of the plexiglas.

Till next time.

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